Youth Group Needs Your Help… and Some Good News!

Youth Service 2021 is coming soon! This year’s service is all about the good, the great, the positive, the fun, the uplifting… and we want to hear some of it from you! In 2020 some of us fell in love with Some Good News, a weekly web series all about people celebrating the good things happening in their lives, and we are creating our own version: Some Good NUUws. To help, please send us your videos, photos, or emails of any “good news” in your life. It might be a lost tooth, it might be an award, a promotion, a new puppy, even just a beautiful day outside. Nothing is too small. If it made you smile, if it made you happy, if it made you feel good, we want to hear about it so we can celebrate with you! You can film a video or take photos with your phone and text them to 484-269-0880, or you can email, using the subject “My Good News.” Our deadline is Friday, April 25. For a little inspiration, you can visit the Some Good News YouTube channel here ( or the Instagram page here (

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