ADORE A Dialogue On Race and Ethnicity and The Listening Cafe

We have changed our meeting time to 7 PM on Sundays to accommodate parents and those folks who may be attending church in person.  We will continue in a virtual format for the foreseeable future. 

On September 12th, at 7 PM we will be in conversation about systemic racism in the K-12 school systems.  We have invited the diverse group of people in our congregation who have and are working in a variety of positions to share their experiences and insights about schools and racial justice and injustice.  We have also invited the librarians to recommend books for parents and children.

On October 17th, at 7 PM we will hear from the people involved with higher education about their experiences with systemic racism.

November 14th, again at 7 PM, we will be examining racism in the workplace.

And on December 12th, as the winter holy days approach we will look at the racial factors involved in creating the dilemma of the unhoused in our community.
Please plan to attend and bring your friends!  

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