Jeff Woodward Celebration of Life

The Celebration took place on June 4th, 2022 at the FUUBC. Below is the recording of the Jeff Woodward’s Celebration of Life.

3 Responses to “Jeff Woodward Celebration of Life

  1. Jeff, Professor Woodward, taught me many lessons about literature and life- never punishing me for stupidity. Giving the benefit of doubt in an act of faith, Professor Woodward handed over the keys to his home conferring me caretaker of the family’s menagerie and manse; while dad, the girls and mom spent summer on the Cape. I needed a place to live and Jeff generously offered. Professor Woodward shared his love of literature along with all the other members of Albright’s English Department. I can not calculate the importance of lessons learned from dedicated professors like Jeff Woodward and the members of the English Department he championed.

  2. Gentle, kind, caring, and so very much more. I was priviledged to call him friend! His legacy lives on!

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