A Practice In Creativity

Creativity happens when we ask ourselves – what if? It’s our ability to dream things up, hold them in our minds and then make them real in the world. It’s easier to be creative when you are connected to more than yourself. That connection can be with a group of people like your family, your friends, a group you belong to. That connection can be to a place, somewhere you travel to, somewhere that’s home. Often times that connection is more than one thing.

Our youth group all year met twice a month to practice creativity through the lense of our 8 principles in their curriculum. Our kids met each week to explore the theme of the month through creating posters, and stories, and even developing a song. Some of our families engaged with the theme of the month through Soulful Home arts, games and stories. Here’s a way you can playfully engage with creativity for a week this month from Soulful Home. If you think you can’t be creative or can’t draw – this practice is especially for you. 🙂

(Family can be those you connect with daily or weekly.)

Choose seven of the items below and challenge your family to do a drawing a day for a week. Make a thick stack of scrap paper and a jar of pencils in easy reach of everyone in the family. At whatever point throughout the day makes the most sense, each person draws the daily picture. Create a collage on the fridge or on a message board for the family to see the next day.

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