We Need You! At the RE Job Fair May 7th

On May 7th after the youth worship service, your Religious Education (RE) Vision Team will host a “RE Job Fair” in the Gerber Room.  This is an opportunity to express your appreciation and learn from the superheroes who have been running RE through the pandemic and beyond. Ebee, Erin, Jayne, Corinne, and Cyndi will share about all the ways you can participate in RE. We will have interest surveys and laptop stations ready to sign you up!

In the fall, we plan to return to age groupings, but we can only do that if we have enough volunteers and helpers. Join the exciting RE team and pitch in anyway you can! There are roles for everyone at various times in the year. You can:

– lead or help with activities in the classroom

– help when children prepare for coffee hour

– help when children participate in worship

– prepare materials for a craft

– be a guest speaker to share your passion or talent

– clean out a closet or organize a shelf

– decorate a board or display

– clean toys

– chaperone outings or gatherings outside of church

and more! 

So, bring your calendar and an open mind, a loving heart, and helping hands as you consider how you’ll participate in nurturing our future UUs. 

RE Mission: Holding Spaces for Nourishment and Spiritual Growth for All Ages, We hope to Build a sense of belonging in all spaces by Serving the entire family and Integrating home & worship for life-long religious exploration. 

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