Of course June would contain delight. Not only is it the month when we gather
together for General Assembly, but the weather in most areas is getting luscious.
There are the June celebrations of Juneteenth and Father’s Day and PRIDE, plus,
for some, graduations and the June wedding.
Delight is, in my understanding, a very specific happiness. It is when you find
happiness because of turning toward something. It is a verb and a noun; while
your favorite ice cream may be a delight to share with someone, you delight in
doing so. It is happiness, with the full feeling of satisfaction.
When I think of spiritually encountering delight, it is to rejoice in the feeling we
get when everything is, for that moment, just right. It is when we experience life
the way God wishes for us, if God language works for you—happy and satisfied.
A perfect sky, the smile of someone we love, the bracing wake-up of jumping into
a cold lake or pool after Memorial Day. Delightful.
Strip away the external trappings of the right clothes or the cost, and look at the
thing you are planning or looking forward to doing in June. What delights does the
moment promise? Use all of the seldom-used words to encourage a delightful
time. BASK in the satisfaction of a task completed. REVEL in the joy you
brought to somebody else. REJOICE in a well-executed plan. Delight is like
happiness, next level. It is not out of our grasp; we just do not often take the time
to notice.
In June, take the time to delight in the small things, and make the big things
delightful—happy and satisfactory. Even if it ends up looking different from what
you first imagined. You might even reach the next level of EXALTED. But for
now, let’s delight in this June weather.