Service For Nelson Simonson

Many of our long time members may remember Nelson and his wife Caroline Simonson as pillars of our church community. Now it is time for our church community to rise up for Nelson. We will be hosting a memorial service on August 5th and we are asking for volunteers to help.

We are in need of 1-2 volunteers to help in the parking garage from 1:30- 2:15pm to instruct guests in how to use the parking app or direct them to the parking kiosk.

We are also in need of a few greeters/ushers for the service. The time would be approx 1:30 2:30 pm

After service at 3pm the family will hold an ice cream social and we would love to have a few people to help with serving ice cream and coffee. The ice cream social will last approximately and hour and we will need help to clean up quickly afterwards

Please sign up here

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