Get A Blessing for Your Bag or Device!

UUBerks Device/Bag Blessing Sticker or Pin

Here at UUBerks, we take time to renew, recommit and set a course for the months ahead.  This is our annual bag / device blessing.

Some of us came to the church sanctuary with our backpacks, purses, wallets, briefcases or other satchels.  Some of us came to church through our internet connections.  

Take a moment now to acknowledge and honor and reflect on what you carry in that backpack, that purse, that wallet, perhaps your phone or other device you take to work and school and volunteer commitments. Think about some of the practical, spiritual, and guiding items that fill your bags. They are blessings.  You can count on them.

We’d like to give you a token to take with you and place on your item to remind you of our blessing.

Sign up for delivery of a blessing sticker or token please fill out the information below.

This information will only be shared with our office team.
You can count on us to deliver Blessing tokens in the next few weeks.


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