Dancing with Mystery 

The gift of mystery … is it a gift?  For some, mystery can be frustrating or confusing.  Why won’t this work?  Whatever the “this” is?  WHAT do I do about…?  Whatever the “about” is.  

People in our Unitarian Universalist faith this past General Assembly found it imperative that we honor the mystery and wonder around us as a direct source of inspiration.  They added it back into our inspiration section of article II.  

I was playing with my young nephew the other day and witnessed his frustration with mystery when he was trying to put a puzzle together.  Over and over again he was trying to fit a piece in that was just not working.

But what if we turned the piece? What if it didn’t fit the way he wanted it to?  Ah yes a quarter turn and it clicked right into where it was supposed to go.  You see sometimes we solve our mystery, our question, by asking another question. 

Such a simple solution for a mystery that felt bigger than he could explore before! Sometimes mysteries are meant to be solved and sometimes they’re meant to be danced with.  But no matter what kind of mystery it is – wondering – revealing in the mystery, asking the next question, is often way more enjoyable than feeling stuck in it. 

May your heart be opened, your spirit renewed, and your life transformed by experiences of mystery and wonder in this season. 

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