Digital Security 101 for Congregations: A Two-Part Virtual Training. 

Our congregation is registered for the Digital Security 101 for Congregations: A Two-Part Virtual Training. 

From the flyer:

Increasingly, our congregations are finding themselves the targets of online harassment, phishing, doxing, and other forms of digital hate – often as a result of the ways we are embodying UU values in the world. Unfortunately, many of our UU communities do not have the skills and the infrastructure to protect themselves from malicious digital targeting that is constantly evolving.

Equality Labs’ Digital Security For All Workshop is a dive into the world of digital security, and what that means for you and your organization. We will develop some common ground and shed light on types of attacks and security concerns that affect our communities, engaging with you at a strategic level as you plan for your organization.

We cover everyday, practical steps to mitigate online harassment, fraud, and other forms of cyber attacks. We look at how the data broker ecosystem coupled with open-source intelligence (OSINT) from social media increases security risks to individuals and organizations. We then look at key preventative measures including data broker scrubbing, phishing awareness, multi-factor authentication, password management, VPN, and other tools that can be immediately applied in anyone’s daily lives.

Open to all congregational leaders but especially targeted to those who manage secure information such as congregational websites, social media accounts, databases, and communications.

This training will be hosted on Zoom. We have 4 open “seats” available. Frank W. is attending, does anyone else want to attend too? Here are the dates:

Session 1: Monday, January 22, 2024, 7:30pm ET – 9:30pm ET
Session 2: Monday, February 5, 2024, 7:30pm ET – 9:30pm ET

Contact Frank W. for additional information at 484-897-0234 or

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