Special Plate Nominations Open

The aim of the Special Plate Program is to promote the well-being of our broader community in a collaborative manner that demonstrates the principle of the sacred interdependent web of all existence and our value of Generosity through the sharing of faith, presence, and resources.

In 2022, UU Berks committed to growing in partnership with eight local organizations over three years: Reading Public Library, Planned Parenthood, South of Penn, LGBT Center of Greater Reading, Berks Stands UP, Helping Harvest, Safe Berks, and the Berks Coalition to End Homelessness. We voted to support them financially with an annual donation that they could count on, AND we intended to increase our congregation’s participation in their activities and efforts with our physical presence. While our intentions have been worthy, we need more time to develop the deeper relationships that we seek. 

To honor our democratic processes, we will ask for two actions at the May 19th Congregational Meeting:

1)  resolve to extend our current eight organizations for three more years in order to become the partners we envision from 2025-2027, and

2) resolve to add TWO more organizations to the Special Plate Program (for a total of ten). This is your opportunity to suggest and nominate other community partners. We will compile the list of candidates for a vote at the December Congregational Meeting. 

You may email g.social.justice@uuberks.org with your nominations or use this form to submit as many as you’d like: Special Plate NOMINATIONS

Please respond by midnight on Sunday, May 26th.

The Social Justice Coordinating Team thanks each of you for your efforts, gifts, ideas, encouragement, and personal participation that are the conduits for Beloved Community.

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