*Backpack* Blessings


10:30 am - 11:30 am
As summer ends – What are you beginning?
Is it a new school year?
A new job? A new work year?
A new hobby?
We will bless all of the tools for these endeavors and we’ll celebrate Woodstock along the way. * Wear your tie-dye and bring your thing to get blessed
* Things that might get blessed: backpack, musical instrument, planner, to-do list notebook, car keys, coach whistle, camera, stethoscope.
What will you be using regularly with you this year?
[image description: bright yellow background with 70’s inspired rainbow splashed across the bottom. Text in thought bubble reads “Blessing of the *Backpacks*, images float around text of backpack, music notes, magnifying glass, planner, notebook to-dos, camera, coach whistle, stethoscope, car keys]

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