Where Did We Come From? Where Are We Going?

Humankind has created countless stories to try to explain the mystery that surrounds everything. That is all religion really is – people wondering about where we came from, why we are here, and what comes next. Today’s service invites us to join in that exploration.

Rev. Cindy Terlazzo comes to us today from the Gettysburg congregation where she has been serving part time for the past 3 years. Cindy lives in York with her life partner, John Terlazzo. In addition to serving the Gettysburg UU, she also has a full time job as a social worker, serving individuals who have intellectual disabilities. Cindy and John will be moving to Rochester, NY later this summer to live closer to family and watch grandchildren grow up in every day time. She is delighted to join you today to explore some of life’s biggest questions – Where Did We Come From and Where are We Going.

Learn more about Rev Cindy here:


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