Creating Altars of Justice

This Sunday we are delighted to welcome the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lancaster who will be worshiping with us. Together we will explore creating sacred spaces for ourselves and our families and how to carry that work into the world to create altars of justice. … read more.

Sacred Play

Play is fun and a source of reverence and gratitude, though some consider it frivolous. What if instead we engaged play as a sacred experience, what has been called “deep play” and “holy uselessness”? Join us today as we explore the many soulful benefits of … read more.

Practicing Compassion

Poncho Peña, Longtime member & guitarist, and Ebee Bromley, director of religious education & music leads us in this morning’s service. Quarantine has required a new level of compassion for ourselves and others.  Compassion is not just a matter of niceness and thoughtful feelings.  It’s a deeper type of … read more.