There will be better days…

I first heard Kate and Justin Miner’s “Tomorrow” in the first days of UU wide collegial collaboration, in that mid March time when we were first trying to swim in this COVID shut down era.  I was grateful to Rev Teresa Soto for sharing the Persisters of the First Unitarian Church of Oakland singing this song.  It’s washed over me many times over the past few months.  

Click here to take a listen to the 2020 General Assembly choir and instrumentalists Ring Out this Prayer

There will be better days…There will be better days…There will be better days…

Finding ourselves in this moment there are days where for our survival we will need to name 


In the days after General Assembly – I’m starting to ask how I, how we can stay buoyant in this time of change and seismic shifts. How can I be ready for the better days?  Like the story of Elizabeth Cotton told at this year’s Music worship service.  We must create persistence.  If we focus on our areas of growth – we will keep going.  When we focus on the big picture – it doesn’t matter where we make music.  It matters that we make it.  What music can we make in these new environments – in these waters? 

I look forward to us making music and persisting together.

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