I am so glad…

This month we’re focusing on what does it mean to be a people of renewal. What does it mean to renew? to begin again? For some of us that might mean to return to school or to begin an art project again after a time away. Beginning again can feel scary – especially when we don’t know what the new beginning will be like.

A few months ago we began an new project, a facebook page for members and friends who commit to raising or helping to raise thriving, spiritually grounded kids and teens. In some ways this was a new project – we’ve never had a group hosted like this. In some other ways this is a group that is as old as our church built in 1832 and probably older than that even.

Each day in the group we ask questions of each other. In everyone’s answers and questions there is laughter, there is sadness, there is wonder. For a prompt from last month our Religious Education Assistant, Erin Connolly, asked folx on the page to fill in the prompt …”I’m so glad…”. It renewed my spirit to hear so many of your moments of gladness large and small.

May we continue to renew each other this church year.

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