Moving in Suspension

For this month of Deep Listening I can’t help but think about suspensions.  In a lot of ways I feel like we are in a time of suspension.  In music a note that’s holding over from a time before and not quite arrived at someplace else.  I’m choosing to name it ‘someplace else’ instead of ‘someplace new’ because for musical suspensions the melody often leads western ears to a place they expect.  Nine times out of ten if we’re holding out the note ‘ti’ the next note will be ‘do’.   (Cue the Sound of Music ‘Do a Deer’ song)  

The beauty of a suspension is the notes moving against it.  We can hear those moving notes so much more clearly because of the note that’s holding on.  

In what places are you holding on in your life?  What are you sensing more clearly through this time of suspension(s)? 

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