Solar Team 

Have you noticed that your electric bill has gone up? The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) authorized the increase in June.  Our church uses Met-Ed and it looks like our bill for August was 86% higher this year than our August 2021 bill for about the same kilowatt usage.

Maybe this is a good time for us to offset our electric usage by adding a solar panel array on the church roof?

Solar power has been an ongoing interest of the Building Keepers for a few years. With our church’s strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we at FUUBC want to do our part. The Building Keepers are looking for volunteers to help with a temporary ad hoc Solar Team Subcommittee to evaluate (1) adding solar panels on the church buildings and (2) upgrading our natural gas heating systems to electric heat pumps.  To do this, we will have a series of meetings (both in-person and/or virtual) to evaluate the different proposals from solar/HVAC companies and then prepare a final proposal to take to the M&O Team for final acceptance.

Contact Frank Wilder at if you are interested.

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