Seasons Change

Our seasons are changing all around us.  

A few short months ago many of us were wearing shorts and t-shirts.

We shared water from our lives at water communion.  We might have found a new favorite pew to sit, wiggle, laugh, sing and cry in with old friends or with a new face.  We met each other anew after this past summer, at youth group bonfire, or in our first class together back in Kidspace after a summer downstairs. We chose new topics to focus on and a new rhythm in Sunday morning adult RE.  If you signed up for them in RE registration, you received packages to use at home with our Soulful Home packets this October expanding our sense of where sacred lives.  

We did this in our community of communities.  We gathered in our homes, our sanctuary, and our classrooms.  We choose to come together because we as individuals and as a community value holding space for nourishment and spiritual growth for our children, for our youth and for our adults.  We do this together because we know that no one generation has the monopoly on spirit, on knowledge, or on heart.  We value a sense of belonging and being of service to one another. 

Now, as we approach mid fall, many of us are wearing more sweaters and long pants.  

We know that religious education is about building up families in our congregation.  We know that families can be a family of one, a family of two, or a family of twenty two. 

In this month of change, I think about the awesome change very humble ingredients go through when we put them together.  All you need is some flour, a bit of water, some salt.  Then you add in some time and heat.  Voilà!  You’ve got warm bread on your hands! 

All month long we will be collecting ingredients to make blessing bags for folks who are housing insecure or unhoused. 

Youth group will take their art supply ingredients to explore our 2nd principle. 

Our kids will be using table cloths and baskets to learn how to set a table for eating and a table for worshiping. 

On Nov 20th we will be celebrating, sharing and learning about different breads in our lives.  What recipe will you make and share with us?

On Nov 27th we will be coming together to celebrate friendship and give our time to eachother over a potluck dinner following the service. 

On Dec 4th we share our time and our collective strength to put together blessing bags with the supplies gathered all month. 

Let Us Fall Into Winter Together,

Your Director of Religious Education,

Ebee Bromley

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