Soulful Home Highlight: On The Message Board

This year we’ve subscribed to a resource called Soulful Home. Each month’s packet, created by Teresa Honey Youngblood, Soul Matters’ Family Ministry Coordinator, contains treasures to spark, fuel and enrich your spiritual lives at home from Monday to Saturday. This month, let’s take a look at the On The Message Board section. I wonder what’s one act you’ve done recently to support our interdependence? Has it been to participate in mystery pals? Has it been to share food together? Will an act of interdependence happen at our camping trip this month? Check out the full packet of resources when you visit

From Teresa:

The On the Message Board section lifts up a theme-related mantra, graphic,

quote, or gesture for your family to carry with them throughout the month. Think

of these “family sayings” or “family signs” as tools for the journey, reminders that

help us refocus and steady ourselves and our kids as we navigate through life’s

challenges and opportunities. Each month, write this mantra on your family

message board, or on a sticky note to put on your bathroom mirror, or the fridge.

Make it part of your routine to share the mantra each morning so that it becomes

something you all carry with you throughout the day.

April’s Mantra:

“All of us need all of us to make it.”

There are a few phrases that get right to the heart of UU theology, and this is one

of them. Bless its author, the Rev. Julián Jamaica Soto! What a gift.

Use this phrase when you find yourself stuck in us versus them thinking, or when

you find yourself seeking out only individuals who think, look, sound, and act like


Use it also when you are seeing more scarcity than abundance, when it seems like

there is just not enough _________; fill in the blank–love, land, trust, sense,

security, etc. to go around.

Use it when the news of the day feels raw and overwhelming, when policy and

strategy and election cycle and law and injustice seem to all be versions of the

same, threatening disconnection.

Use it when you feel separate from the life force that animates each tiny plant,

animal, and fungus around you, when you’re not sure what you’re doing here or


Use it when you are reluctant to ask for help, when your conditioning against

burdening another with your needs prevents you from reaching out, though

connection and care is exactly what you require.

And finally, share this sentiment. Tell it to anyone who will listen this month. It’s

core to our interdependence.

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