Speaker: Jane Palmer

Can the Center Hold?

It’s been a rough few years, and it would be reasonable to face 2023 with some trepidation. But we were made for this. Let us find and nourish our balance point — our quiet, glowing center — and from there, welcome this new year.

Sermon: The Years of Repair

For too long, our world has been crowded with terrible things and our energies focused on survival. Now we stand at the beginning of what could be a vast reimagining of what’s possible, but it’s not easy to think big with a scarcity mindset. Let’s stretch ourselves to create a shared vision of the world … Continue reading Sermon: The Years of Repair

The Paradox of Self-Interest

2020 will not be an easy year. We need to maintain our sanity, our courage, and our compassion, and we need to do so in a manner consistent with our moral principles. With integrity, in other words. Paradoxically, our strength lies in that most-maligned of all interests, self-interest. We are at our most powerful when … Continue reading The Paradox of Self-Interest