Speaker: Joanna Groebel


Today, from our own church sanctuary, we will consider what “sanctuary” means in our lives.  We all need places of refuge and protection; maybe now more than ever considering the continuous challenges we are being confronted with. What places, people, or practices feel like a sanctuary to you? In what ways are you yourself a … Continue reading Sanctuary

Change: Potential and Possibility

During times of uncertainty, it can feel like change is  happening ‘at’ us. Today, we will explore helpful ways that change can happen ‘with’  (and within) us in a more integrated way, both individually and in healthy community.

What is In Your Bucket?

We have been through months of enormous changes: changes in safety protocols, changes in work and school routines. changes in family dynamics and social habits, changes in emotional thresholds for difficulty, changes in how we live out social justice. changes in our willingness to see history. These months have hurled emotions piled high, one on … Continue reading What is In Your Bucket?