Topic: Integrity

Creeds, Credos, and Covenants

Unitarian Universalism is non-creedal in its approach to religion. Instead we are covenantal, focusing on relationship in community, and on building individual credos that express our beliefs. This morning the youth group will join in sharing their credos. The monthly share-the-plate collection will benefit The Spectrum, which provides a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for … Continue reading Creeds, Credos, and Covenants

The 8th Principle

Unitarian Universalist has 7 beloved principles that guide our ethical and spiritual commitments. The 7 principles, however, have not adequately dismantled racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. This morning in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we’ll explore a proposed 8th principle and consider how it would help us build a … Continue reading The 8th Principle

There is Always Potential for Healing

In healthcare, integrity is something we must protect to promote healing and restoration. Whether treating pain, disease, or degeneration we focus on interventions to restore the body. Even when their isn’t a cure for the problem, there is always potential for healing. Healing, of the body, mind, and spirit, can only take place when we … Continue reading There is Always Potential for Healing

The Paradox of Self-Interest

2020 will not be an easy year. We need to maintain our sanity, our courage, and our compassion, and we need to do so in a manner consistent with our moral principles. With integrity, in other words. Paradoxically, our strength lies in that most-maligned of all interests, self-interest. We are at our most powerful when … Continue reading The Paradox of Self-Interest


As we find ourselves amidst the Winter holiday season, we are reminded of the radically transient nature of our existence by the coming to an end of the year and the decade. As we also start to look forward, this morning’s service will explore how a skillful relationship to impermanence can allow us to not … Continue reading Impermanence