Month: December 2021

breath blessing

nadine j. smet-weiss

spiritual director

my heart hungers

for the sense of fullness

found in being 

truly alive

tempted as i am

some days

to bury that hunger

with the busyness of doing

my heart will not

be satisfied

until i honor breath

requesting its blessing

upon all my doings

Mark Your Calendars

 Our FUUBC 2022 Service Auction is on Saturday, February19th @ 6 PM.  Following social distancing recommendations, our auction will be conducted fully online like last year.  We will be using the same online auction website to host the silent auction for the week before & after, and Zoom to conduct the live auction on Saturday night. … read more.

Univoice Weekly

The Christmas season is a joyful time, but many of us also come with losses, disappointments, and struggles. How do we open to joy even in the difficult times. We will light the third Advent candle, UU style, and you may view or download the complete UU Berks Advent Candle Wreath lighting 

Univoice Weekly

This morning we reflect on the seeds of peace growing in us and which we are fostering in the world. Our service will include Maya Angelou’s “AMAZING PEACE: A Christmas Poem,” and we will light the second Advent candle, UU style.

Changes to Special Plate

In communication with the Social Justice Coordinating Committee, we would like to change the Special Plate Collection process. Rather than selecting new organizations every six months, we propose selecting 8 organizations that we support consistently for the next 3 years. This allows our congregation to … read more.