Seek Beauty

John O’Donohue writes “One of the huge confusions in our times is to mistake glamor for beauty…”

This rings true to me.  Too often we fixate on the glamour of The Louvre or a concert stage.  Not often enough do many of us take the time to create beauty and maybe more importantly celebrate the beauty that we already have.  

You may think that your ability to create is not enough for beauty, that’s glamour talking.  

That’s the voice you’ve let live in your head rent free for too long.  

The act of creating can be enough.  

There is beauty in the bowl of oatmeal you microwaved for breakfast and plopped down on the table.  It fed someone.  

There is beauty in the stick figure drawing you etch out to demonstrate a point.  You shared it.

There is beauty in the thank you note you write begrudgingly because you feel like your words are not enough but you do it anyway.  

There is beauty in everyday things.  So very unglamours and beautiful all the same.

So too: 

There is beauty in the song half sung as you’re going about your day. 

There is beauty in the song blasted at the top of your lungs while you’re riding in the car getting from here to there.

There is beauty in the camp song that everyone sings a little out of tune, you all are singing together. 

Your voice doesn’t sound exactly like the ones you hear on the radio.  That’s ok.  It’s not meant to.  

It’s meant to be your voice and no one else’s.  

Seek beauty.  Wherever you land in your search, it can be enough.

Yours in song,

Ebee Bromley, Director of Music

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