Month: June 2023

Member info

Did you know that we have a private website for members only: ?  It is basically an electronic version of a bulletin board. On the website you can also find links to important documents (like the Budget, Bylaws, Church Directory,…), important email addresses ( like Staff, Committees,  … email addresses),  and a host of “how to” docs (like Google … Continue reading Member info

Food Bank

The Helping Harvest Food Bank is held at our church on the 3rd Saturday of each month, which will be June 17th. To prepare, we need to set up a “store” in the Gerber Room with tables and shelves starting around 8:30 AM. We will receive a delivery truck from Helping Harvest around 9:30 AM, … Continue reading Food Bank

Social Justice Opportunities for Connection & Information

Mike and I have been members since 2004. As we prepare to go to General Assembly for the first time, we are learning about our extended UUA family. Here are some nuggets of knowledge that Randy and Carol opened our eyes to: First UU is in the Central East Region (CER) and our primary contact is Lenore Bajare-Dukes … Continue reading Social Justice Opportunities for Connection & Information

Univoice Weekly

When we listen to the visionaries of our time, they come back to the central tenant that we must realize we are one – beyond race, beyond caste, beyond opposing viewpoints. Explore this species dependent, inextricable connection with us today.