Month: January 2022

Univoice Weekly

Join us this morning as we consider how Dr. King’s example can inspire and guide us in shaping the future. How do we orient ourselves so that we can continue the work of justice, kindness, truth-seeking, and truth-telling? This morning’s music is offered by Kent, Rachel and Megan Gutzler and Dan Matz.

Univoice Weekly

Some folks make New Year’s resolutions, like lose 5 pounds and read more non-fiction. Others think about living with intention, which tends to be more process-oriented, like pay attention and have worthy goals. It means moving out of autopilot and into a meaningful, well-balanced life based on your own conscious choices. And that’s swell, but what about when things are truly falling apart, like they seem to be now? How can we meet this messy life in a way that lets us be awake, wholehearted, and of service?

Food Bank Informational Talk

Please join us after church this Sunday, Jan 9 for a informational talk and Q&A about our monthly food bank with coordinator Brian Kammerer. This is a time to hear about the important work being done by the food bank and explore volunteer possibilities!