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Maybe you remember learning to play a few notes on soprano recorder in elementary school.  If this sounds interesting to you, read on!  

We are hoping to get a regular recorder ensemble started at UU Berks!  The UU recorder ensemble ( 3-10 players) plays music of many different types, focusing primarily on renaissance and baroque music, but includes early classical, folk, and even some modern tunes!  We play soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders, but recorders come in many more sizes!

Potential players might:

Have an interest in playing a wind instrument- 

Can read music or are willing to learn

Can play the recorder or are willing to learn

Can meet for an hour once a month starting January 14

Are willing to practice the music between meetings

Are willing to play at a church service when we feel ready

If you’re still reading, why not give it a try?  Please contact Tracy Blunt with any questions at:  All ages between 10 and 110 are welcome.  

When you email your interest, please let Tracy know if you have an instrument of your own ( plastic recorders are fine) or if you need a recorder.  Tracy will email music to anyone interested who already has a recorder so you can look it over before our first meeting on January 14.  Those who are total beginners or who don’t have a recorder, Tracy will give you music at the first meeting.  

Here are links to some recorder music in case you are interested in exploring a bit more:

renaissance recorder ensemble youtube

renaissance recorder ensemble youtube

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