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A New Day

Many UU ministers put together a service for our congregations to enjoy this morning.  This special service will be pre-recorded and not bound by schedule, available to view any time.  Check your email inbox Christmas morning for the video link.

Lessons and Carols

Come all ye faithful and lovers of cookies!  Celebrate together with stories and carols, ending with a chorus of candlelit Silent Night.  Then share cookies and punch before snuggling in for the night.

To attend on siteFULL VACCINATION STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: FUUBC strongly encourages all those who … read more.

Impromptu Pageant

If you’d like to come dressed as your favorite character from around that manger, please do so.  We will also be offering up head adornments which help you to determine which “part” you will play in this No-Rehearse Pageant for all ages.

To attend on … read more.

Ethical Spending

The end of the calendar year brings not only the multi-holiday season, but also the tax year’s end.  Charitable giving, as well as ethical shopping for all of those gifts for our beloveds, are on many people’s minds.  How do we practice our values when … read more.

Widening the Circle

Think about a time when making a new friend meant that something changed in your outlook, or your schedule, or a habit or two, simply because of this one person’s presence.  When we widen our circle at church, as in our lives, we are open … read more.


“Family of choice” is how most of us grow our own friend circles so that we are not alone.  When friends come together to carry out old traditions, make new ones, and blend those family ties with bonds of friendship, we’ve got “friends giving thanks” … read more.

Breads of Our Lives

Come and share a ritual wherein we bring in the breads of our families, our childhoods, our heritage, to share in a bread communion.  Show up this morning with bread that you make or buy around this time of year and be prepared to say … read more.

What We Mean By Covenanting

Contracts and covenants are all around us, both by being implicit, like social constructs, or explicit, like those which get discussed and written together, like church covenants.  When we know what to expect, we function better; let’s look at how spelling it out ahead of … read more.

The Real Rules

It is said that voting is a civic sacrament.  On this last Sunday before Election Day we will review and lift up the importance of voting and democracy in our religion, all while practicing the Real Rules.