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Mallas and Mantras

Bring your favorite necklace (malla), rosary, orbracelet with beads or stones. Carla will share images from her trip thru Nepal and facilitate prayers and chants thru beads—a practice common to many faiths. Repeating a sound (mantra) together in community can create peace within ourselves and harmony around the world. 

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Today, from our own church sanctuary, we will consider what “sanctuary” means in our lives.  We all need places of refuge and protection; maybe now more than ever considering the continuous challenges we are being confronted with. What places, people, or practices feel like a … read more.

Ceremonies & Celebrations

From birth to death, our congregation celebrates life and marks life transitions. This morning we hold these moments with gratitude and reverence, and join in a Bridging Ceremony for Evan Greusel.