Speaker: .Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

A Sense of Beauty

One of the ways we experience beauty is through our senses. Today’s service is an opportunity to celebrate the many sensory ways we take in the beauty around us.

Celebrating Beauty in Others

It’s easy to appreciate other people when they share our values or conform to our expectations. But what happens when they don’t, when people are different from us or make us uncomfortable. Our faith calls us to honor the beauty of our differences, and this … read more.

Embracing Faith in Simple Things

Too often societal messages tell us we can’t trust in life. Our UU faith disagrees. This morning we’ll explore the everyday joys and gifts that can renew our trust in life’s goodness and abundance.

Renewing Faith in Promises

This morning we consider the promises and commitments we have made. Promises help us to feel connected to each other and to feel safe. What promises do you need to renew and revisit?

Renewing Faith in Each Other

When we join forces, we can change the world. When we unite in common causes, we know that we don’t have to go it alone. By renewing our faith in each other, we can experience a renewal of hope in what’s possible. Join us for … read more.