Speaker: Tracie Greth

A Contemplative Pause with Contemplative Companions

Contemplate: think about; ponder. Commonly understood as an intellectual exercise. Contemplative: spiritually speaking, a practice of open presence in the world as-it-is. Grounded in the here-and-now with mind, heart and body open to the spirit of life, we are inspired to live in the world with the full wisdom of our being. Join us for … Continue reading A Contemplative Pause with Contemplative Companions

December 26: Second Christmas

December 26 is traditionally known as “Second Christmas.” It is celebrated as Boxing Day and the Feast of St. Stephen. It also marks the beginning of Kwanzaa.

The Life-Death Connection

Join members Lauren Fritz and Tracie Greth as they explore the connection between life and death through nature’s lessons and the moving images evoked by  Mary Oliver’s poetry.